Prevalence of Anterior Open bite In Orthodontic patients In Ramadi City


Background: Anterior open bite is vertical dental separation between
the upper and lower incisors when the posterior teeth are in full occlusion and lead to malocclusion which effect the esthetic of the patient and need orthodontic treatment.
Objectives: To assess the prevalence of anterior open bite in orthodontic patients in Ramadi city and severity of these cases.
Patients and Methods: (400) orthodontic patients of ( 15 – 30 ) years old were examined for the presence or absence of anterior open bite then measure the overbite by Results: (16) patients out of the total number have anterior open bite, (6) are males and (10) are females (8) of them are moderate, (5) of them are severe and (3) of them are extreme.
Conclusions: We conclude that over all anterior open bite are (4%) of the cases. The patients with anterior open bite are (62.5%) females and (37.5%) males and the females attending orthodontic clinic more than males.
Keyword: open bite, orthodontic patient, prevalence, Ramadi city,Iraq.