Histopathological Changes of Gallbladder Mucosa Due to Cholelithiasis


Objectives: This work was carried out to study the diverse histopathological changes in the gallbladder mucosa as a result of cholelithiasis.
Patients and methods: The study included 25 of gallbladder specimens, which were resected. They were collected from Al-Ramadi General Hospital. Stones were found in each specimen of gallbladder. Gross examination for length and width of gallbladder was calculated and the samples were fixed in 10% formalin for histological study. The relation of age and gender with cholelithiasis was studied in this work.
Results: In gross examination, We found increase in length (Mean=4.64cm) and width (Mean=2cm). Also our observation recorded increase of cholelithiasis in females compared with males1:24(4:96%) and increase of cholelithiasis with aged (Mean=44) and also gallstones were calculated. Histological changes in mucosa of gallbladder by using heamatoxylin and eosin stains were observed and calculated the percentage as following: hyperplasia was observed in 14(46%), antral metaplasia 8(32%), intestinal metaplasia in 3(8) and dysplasia in 1(4%)
Conclusion: We found that cholelithiasis and even silent gallstones can Produce 56% in the gallbladder mucosa, which could be a precursor lesion gallbladder carcinoma.
Key word: Cholelithiasis, dysplasia, hyperplasia, metaplasia.