Scanning Electron Microscopic Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Porcelain By using Different Glazing and Polishing Technique


ceramic material is the most easthitic material used in dentistry because it has many physiacal properties of high compatibility with oral tissue.
Methods & Materials:
thirty porcelain(ceramic)specimens resembling flat back facing(porcelain buttons)were fabricated. The samples were randomly divided into five groups according to the types of finishing and polishing, each group consist of six specimens.
Group I:no glazing and polishing is rough
Group II: applied glaze: smooth and shiny.
Group III: polishing porcelain by sand paper disc followed by rubber cups and polishing paste give polished surface.
Group IV: polishing by sand paper disc and rubber weel.
Group V:polishing by sand paper disc; rubber wheel and polishing paste give satisfactory results with shorter time and cheaper material.
SEM evaluation found overglazing (applied glaze)produce a better smooth surface.
Aim of the study:
To get a good and smooth surface of ceramic material as an aesthetic material used in dentistry by using different smoothing and polishing material.