Residual Alveolar Ridge Atrophy In Anbar Province


Background: Alveolar ridge atrophy represent a serious dental problem to maxillofacial surgeon, prosthodontist and general dental practitioner.
Objectives & Aims: To evaluate the cases of residual alveolar ridge atrophy in Anbar Province.
Materials & Methods: A total of 275 edentulous patients were examined in this clinical study in College of Dentistry, Anbar University, Kalk & Baat classification was used to classify the patient casts according to the degree of resorption into three classes.
Results: About (65. 4%) has no previous dentures, the mean ridge height was greater in male than in female, 36. 8% had high CL 1, and 14. 4% had extensive CL2 resorption.
Conclusion: It has been found that the residual alveolar bone resorption was attributed to multiplicity of correlated factors such a sex, age, general health & metabolic activity.

Key words:Ridge atrophy, alveolar ridge, edentulous patients, mandible, bone resorption.