Calculation of Heart Rate Variation Owing to the Effect of Electromagnetic Fields Waves (EMF)


The chemical reactions that Occur as part of the normal body functions, generated tiny electrical current in the human body. Even in the absence of external electric fields so that exposure to external radiation causes high impact on the nerves signals by transmitting electric impulses. The heart is electrically active and its actons can be measured using an electrocardiogram. Noted slight variation in heart rate may cause serious effects on the human body. The field of electromagnetic emitted from advanced phones has been effect on work of the human heart. In this research taken samples were subjected to examination with presence of phone devices in normal mode and case of vibration when ringing. The study was carried out by taking electrocardiogram (ECG) for group of samples (students) to study the EMF effect of modern phones. After viewing ECG results this area of radiation is shown to cause a negative long-term effect. This effect will be obvious to the human heart and to other parts of its body.