The impact of the six-hat strategy has been to reduce test anxiety among sixth graders


The increasing states of disorders and serious anxiety of school examination require a return research in this aspect. The most needed for our schools is to change ideas about curricula, and not to pose a threat to the student, especially if it becomes more difficult. So the current research addressed the idea of introducing sixth graders in the six hats strategy of thinking to reduce the level of anxiety test they feel before and during the school exam. The aim of the present study is to identify the impact of the six hats strategy of De bono in reducing the test anxiety of a sample of primary school students (22) students, with a one group experimental design. The results are low level of test anxiety after the experiment end; the difference is significant through the Wilcoxon, where the calculated value was (5). And the difference is no significant in test anxiety according to gender in the Mann-Whitney, with a calculated value of (32). The researcher recommended benefiting from this strategy and developing and applying it in primary schools and with the support of voluntary teams formed by Ministry of Education and Ministry Higher Education.