The concept of the Necessary Being and its role in Islamic philosophy


There are many problematic questions about a number of concepts and laws used in sciences, especially in doctrinal sciences associated with Almighty Allah, for what they cause to the beliefs related to the individuals’ faith, which may appear to be somewhat contradictory or incompatible with what has come in the Shariah, or considered unauthorized conduct by religion, and thus would lead to differences between nations and their members.In this article, we have tried to choose one of the concepts that have appeared noticeably in most of the divine matters, and been used widely in most or all of the issues; it is the concept of the Necessary Being. We have managed the study according to the scientific nature in arts, by trying first to show its meaning and how it associates with its manifestation, and how to employ it in doctrinal matters, both in arguing for the existence of the Creator, or arguing for His attributes and great doings, dealing, at the same time, with some of the problems raised about Him. In all that, we have tried to quote or argue the best due to every topic’s nature.