Knowing Allah.. Necessity, Effects, and Obstacles


This study has discussed some important aspects of divine knowledge, such as the discussion of the necessity and value of the knowing of Allah, as well as the effects and obstacles in this knowledge, which need to be studied and covered more and more, because most of the divine knowledge studies argue for the existence of the Necessary Being, His oneness and attributes, whereas there are very little studies on thev topics we have mentioned.In this study, we have followed the analytic intellectual approach as well as the quotational approach some times.The study has concluded that the necessity of knowledge is due to one of three regards: that Allah is giver and donor, or that He is the actual owner of everything, or to keep oneself away from possible harms. The value of the knowing of Allah Almighty arises, one time, from the value of the One it relates to, and another time from the fact that the purpose of creation is limited to it, and a third time, from the divine texts talking about it. The study has also concluded that there are some constitutive and legislative effects depending on the knowing of Almighty Allah. The study has also mentioned the the most important obstacles that prevent from getting to this knowledge.