The role of Homogenization Rule in knowing the beginning of existence


The Homogenization Rule is one of the most important intuitive intellectual rules that branching out from causality that has its effects theoretically and practically. In this study, we try to examine the [warning] arguments on this rule after showing its significance, and then focusing on its role in different arenas, to find out the creator of existence through a descriptive analytical approach, and to answer some of the questions put forward about the origin of this rule and some of its doctrinal applications. It seems that the right perception of this rule has a significant role in solving some possible or raised problematic issues, whether concerning its significance or applications. Homogenization between cause and effect is one of the branches of causality, which needs to be studied due to its importance in doctrinal studies, and discuss its denial by some theologians and new physics scientists. Moreover, there is a need to answer the suspicions raised about it. At the outset, it is necessary to distinguish between the principle of causality and the rules resulting therefrom, so that the denying of those rules should not be attributed to the denying of the principle of causality.