The Reciprocal Relationship among the Value of Information, Training and Development of Human Resources in Institutions


In nowaday, after the major changes witnessed by the world in various field especially in information , communication and management fields , affected By the extensive hops that resulted from what is known as “ information revolution or “ information explosion” during the last three decades of the last century. With the advent of the third millennium, the twenty- first century witnessed great openness among societies in various areas of life, and as a result, the term “Globalization” has emerged in various administrative, economic, social , cultural fields and others . All this, imposes the administrative apparatus to be eager to compete with other, through his quest to find all means that enable him to compete and keep up with others, benefiting from all techniques and information technology that offer great potential and abilities , perhaps, the most notably are computers and accessories with all its related applications, as information networks, management information systems , decision support and expert systems(1). The first and the most highlighted methods and tools of confrontation is preparing a qualified and competent element for this task, and the most prominent means to achieve this , is to adopt the method of scientific training based on accurate and comprehensive information, which in turn, based on actual needs required in terms of : training types, training levels, mechanisms and timing that contribute to develop a successful training program that meets the basic objectives(2) . This is the goal of this study .