Al- Ghazali (505A.H) in the Balance of Al- Murabiteen State


This study deals with the relationship of Al- Murabiteen state with one of the pillars of science and thinking in the Islamic East who is Abo Hamid Al- Ghazali (450- 505 A.H). he was supported by one of the prominent princes of the state who was Yousuf Bin Tashfeen (454- 500 A.H). Al- Ghazali urged the Abbasid Caliphate to issue a decree of succession to extend his rule and influence over what he invades from lands or where he restores calmness and stability. Thus, Al- Ghazali was supported by Yousuf Bin Tashfeen. In the same time, we found that the relationship between Al- Ghazali and Al- Murabiteen recorded a significant decline during the reign of Ali Bin Yousuf (500- 537 A.H). This decline and disputation formed a crisis between some scientists and the government of Al- Murabiteen. Thus, the study is divided into four sections. The first section entitled “A Brief Account of the Life of Al- Ghazali” studies his life and raising. It also included a reference to some of his sheikhs and students. Section two entitled “His support to the state of Al- Murabiteen during the Reign of Yousuf Bin Tashfeen” showed the role of Al- Ghazali in supporting Yousuf Bin Tashfeen and his contribution in overcoming the difficulties before what was achieved by this prince from political and literary achievements. Section three entitled “The Relationship between Al- Ghazali and Al- Murabiteen after (500 A.H)” refereed to the beginning of the decline in the relationship between Al- Ghazali and Al- Murabiteen and the main reasons behind this decline. Section four entitled “The Position of Jurists on the Issue of Burning Al- Ghazali Books” included a number of the viewpoints of the proponents and the opponents to this procedure. As for the conclusion, it included the most important results of this study which is documented by a number references.