Effect of applying the CAMEL model to profitability of banks )An applied study on a number of Iraqi banks for the period 2010-2016(


The evaluation of banks plays an important role in maintaining the interests of customers with the bank as well as providing continuous supervision and control by the Central Bank. The Central Bank of Iraq conducted an assessment of the Iraqi banks through the implementation of the CAMEL model during a certain period. This evaluation did not continue. The research provides continuity to the Central Bank's assessment and as a step to continue the evaluation process for all banks through the use of the CAMEL model. ROA and ROE by using the regression model for four Iraqi banks registered in the Iraqi market for securities during the period 2010-2016. The results showed that the capital and profitability indicators have a significant effect on the profitability variables. The efficiency of management had a Negative impact on profitability variables and banks maintain high liquidity ratios that should be invested.