Indian arms race - Allbeckstanaoaavadh regional and internationa


The armament makes up the core of many studies; especially geostrategic, economic political and military one , as it is related to the power and economies of state , international stability and peace. Indian-Pakistani armament racing represent the most important subject that result in huge influence, as the Indian-Pakistani relationship characterized by being bad and tens since semi continent division at 1947. The point that exaggerate the influence of Indian – Pakistani racing is that both states had important geographic establishments make it as a progressed states on regional and international level. as example India occupies an area of more than(3 million)km2 ,and a population of more than one billion individuals, while Pakistan occupies an area of(804000)km2 and population of (165) million individuals and this represent a significant establishment because it share in appearance of its regional and international influence and weight. as well as its geographic location in security unstable environment. Since 1947 India put in mind its geostrategic importance, for that reason it begun for building of military ability establishment , it own of(65)nuclear head and palistic missile(Ajnii and Preathfii).whilst Pakistan's military ability establishment building delayed till Indian nuclear explosion at 1974 since that time it establish nuclear research organization and develop weapon relations with some states ,and it own (20)nuclear heads and palistic missile( Hatef ,Shaheen and Ghorii).