Creative Thinking and its Relationship to Academic Achievement in Mathematics


The research aims to identify the level of creative thinking, and its relationship to academic achievement in mathematics. The researcher used the descriptive analytical research method, and preparing two Tests: one of them is to measure the level of creative thinking which consisted of (15) items distributed on its five skills, and the second is for measuring achievement in mathematics consisted of (15) multiple choice items type of four alternatives. The two tests were applied to the sample of the study which consists of 230 male and female pupils in the fifth grade elementary school, divided into (112) male pupils and (118) female pupils. The statistical data are processed and the results of the research are:1-The students of the research sample have creative thinking, and at an intermediate level, as the percentage of the pupils's degree is (62%) , And there are no differences due to the gender variable.2-The percentage of the Academic achievement in mathematics is (70%) and there is a difference in favour of females.3-There is a moderate correlation between creative thinking and academic achievement in mathematics.