Utilization of Digital Content Management Systems to Provide Delivery in Governmental Institutions Services and Documents: A Feasibility


This research sheds light on the open source content management systems, and the possibility of investing their advantages in the government institutions, through using them in organizing and publishing digital content represented by the documents in the Legal Affairs Department at Baghdad University, in an effort to provide the department's services to beneficiaries in the best ways, Reducing a lot of time and effort for both the beneficiaries and employees. The research aims to introduce content management systems and the most well-known and used in organizing digital content, where during the previous study an electronic portal was designed and established using the (WordPress) content management system. In this research, we will make the portal available for testing and evaluation by the actual beneficiaries and employees working in the department to examine the benefit of benefiting from Its creation and use.The research reached a set of results, including the possibility of investing content management systems in organizing the documents in the department. And it came with several recommendations, such as seeking to invest information technology applications in managing and conducting official transactions in the department, as well as investing information technologies to communicate with users.