Water Quality Index (WQI) as indicator of the East Hammar marsh after sharpe salinity increase during summer 2018


The water quality of East Hammar marsh was evaluated using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Water Quality Index (WQI) of the Canadian Council of Environment Ministers (CCME), water samples were Collected monthly from three different stations of the marsh for the period from January to December 2018. The samples were analyzed for 15 physiochemical parameters of water quality: temperature, concentration of Hydrogen ion (pH), salinity, dissolved oxygen, BOD, COD, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, sodium, bicarbonate. The result of the evaluation was that the quality of water in the East Hammar marsh, was poor in terms of protection of aquatic life, irrigation and drinking. The general index value was 31, 29 and 25 for the three stations respectively.