The impact of the domino political phenomenon in the Latin continent and its role in the Palestinian issue


The study deals with a political phenomenon that has an impact on international relations and the political dealing based on the interrelated interests that would affect the issue of an international bloc. The influence of this phenomenon is so important in gaining the support of international blocs to the question of Palestine, in addition to the possibility of investing this phenomenon for the interests of the Arab League, namely the phenomenon of political domino effect in the diplomacy and dealing political of Latin American countries to support the Palestinian issue. The Latin American countries have played an important role in the emergence of the Zionist entity and voted for it in the General Assembly of the United Nations and in international forums for the period 1947-1973. After that they began to vote for Palestine in international forums and the General Assembly, so we will explore the causes of this political and diplomatic transformation of the Latin continent after 1973 for Palestinian issue and abandonment the vote for the Zionist entity. and we will discuss the impact of political domino as a tool in changing positions of most countries of the continent in favor of the Arabs and the abandonment of the Zionist entity. The countries of the continent lined up behind Brazil, under the influence of political domino, where sided with the Arab states when the Arabs used the oil strategy as a weapon in the battle in 1973, Where Iraq and Saudi Arabia alternated between 1976 and 1984 in the second and third ranks of the total Brazilian imports.