Bob Dylan: A Modern Realistic Vision


Although his family was considered as middle-class, Bob Dylan's choice of writing style and topics tended to be influenced by a smaller-voiced, more suffering group- that of the working class. His lyrics that have included many protest and finger-pointing messages, have always been looked upon as influential in the shaping of cultural views of the time. Because he has used his lyrical poetry to inspire people to make changes, and to right the wrongs of the world. Most of Dylan's lyrics were dedicated to speaking out against infractions committed by the world at large. And the vast amount of his lyrics has been written with the interest of social justice in mind. His work illustrates working-class literature themes as composing the majority of the people in America in particular and the world in general referring ,also, implicitly to the other suffering classes, such as emphasizing the collective, being experimental in terms of style, being written in working voices, resisting the powers that be, and calling to action those who are reading his messages. And such is his modern realistic vision