Reflections legal rights of Imam Zainal Abidin (peace be upon him)


Alegal cogitations in Imam Zain Alabdeens Compact of Kights Evereg man. Whatever his culture and dogma has reached cgrewues, he aspire – always – to get the moral completeness, and the compact of lmam Zain AL abdeen will reach him to this ambition . This compact dose not contain alegal side only, but also contains a new horizous ( hobo) in all directions, that lmam intended to the social reforming and changing the personal behaviour as aresult of the dengerouses which faced the Islamic nation during Al amawy disorderly governorship.This compact disappeared animportant facts in the dogma, canon, and semite legal values , because it opened for the legislaters anew wide hobo through his amending to the statute law according to change ability in the social and economic circumstances.