((The legal system of the non-Agency isolate study analytical Taeselah comparative))


Abstract Agency defines as a home to someone else, serves the same at the disposal of permissible known. One of the important developments that have been invented legal thinking, to avoid the presence of the client in person to the conclusion of legal transactions, to create legal effects produced by these actions. And at the same time has a way because the risky behaviors that entered into by the agent on behalf of the client and raised up and produces a thing of the latter. Therefore, the agency contracts will be the personal account of the personal agent and client to be irrelevant in the contract, also called decades of trust, must be available in this decade of mutual trust between the ends; and to protect plausibly assigned his deputy, and a supposed lack of commitment to the confidence and sincerity and honesty, give the client the right to dismiss the agent at any time without giving up the cause of this isolation, and passed to the agent that the agency is also retiring, and the victim of them refer to the other compensation if he has appropriate, but The evolution of social life, economic and legal, I hope to find an agency to which the client may not be isolated and his agent, attached to the right of the agent or to others this agency, except with the consent of the right of the Agency, after the agency was always scheduled for the benefit of the client only, and this is what justifies the right to isolate his deputy in any time, it was decided in the interests of others or the agent and client alike. and the emergence of these new interests to pay both the judiciary and jurisprudence to search for a new mechanism capable of providing effective protection to those interests, this research culminated with a new type of agency called a proxy of non-isolated;thenorganizedbythelegislation.