((The problem of the disputed territories under federal state: Kirkuk model))


AbstractThe case of Kirkuk has attracted an importance specially when the past Iraqi regime collapsed.This importance has expanded in its boundaries to receive the faltering of historical congesting , the ethnic plurality and the conflicting of the political and strategic interests in this rich area according to its petrolic providing and its geo- strategic position. The problem of this research is coming from entering the case of Kirkuk a difficult rounding due to strategic conflict among the interests of many internal and external powers with out any constitutional or legal cover which could prevent like this conflict;therefore this case has became the most complicated question in present Iraq.The purpose of research is:((There is a chance for resolving the Kirkuk crisis,if there are a sincere national intending,mutual trust, the guarantee of national conformity, and depending on the peaceful dialog with regarding the constitution after reviewing of its articles)) The researcher has used the tools of systemic analytical approach beside the hypothetic scenes approach in order to get his aim . In this context , we have divided the research into three parts :The first one dealt with the causes of Kirkuk crisis within its historical, geo-strategic, and ethnic dimensions .The second part has investigated the conflict of strategic interest and the dispute according the constitution and the political fact .