Modified Method For Generating B-Spline Curves of Degree Three And Their Controlling


The reaction between designer, and design needs modified methods to control thedesign. This paper presents modified mathematical technique for controlling thegeneration of the 2D designs of third degree, by using modified Gallier of Beziercurves. The paper discuses a polynomial in terms, of polar forms, with respect to theparameter. The modified method has resulted in good starting point, to generatewhich 2D design, algorithm which allows the designer to produce a design incombinational way allows him to get the shape that he has in his mind keeping thefour control points for 2D design. The method shows a great flexibility in 2D designcontrolling area with changing. There is no need to change the control points of thedesign; moreover efficiency in designs is obtained in comparison with that needed forconventional methods.Keywords: Gallier of Bezier curves, B-Spline Curves.