Registration of Satellite Images by Using the Linear Transformations


The processes of rectification and registration that conducted at the satelliteimages of the most important steps in images interpretation and extract informationfor use in various applications of remote sensing. There are things that must beobserved before entering into the details of the operation. There are a number ofimportant factors that must be considered. Such as the illumination angle, Sun-Earth distance varies throughout the year. In addition to the effects ofenvironmental, climatic and weather such as cloud, haze, dusty weather, cover forone of the dates, that affect the nature of the scene this requires effort and extrawork for the interpretation of these satellite images after removing the mistakes inthem when captured by the satellite. The first process applied to the satellite imageis the Pre-Processing process, and which includes radiometric and geometriccorrections.In this paper, image to map registration method, of 1st order transform, hasbeen performed to correct the SPOT image from geometric errors using geoimageof “UTM” projection. The total RMS error, which has been reached, was less thanone meter,. The results were obtained using the ready program (ENVI).