Experimental and Numeriacal Study of Moisture Moviment Inside an Air Conditioned Space


This research is concerned with a computational study to simulate a turbulent three–dimensional buoyancy recirculation flow in an air-conditioned space. The studyincludes the simulation of heat and moisture generated from an internal source inside thespace. An experimental facility to study temperature and moisture distribution in an airconditionedspace has also been designed, constructed and tested in a laboratory scale. Anumerical procedure was carried out to solve the elliptic partial differential equations thatgovern the flow, heat and mass transfer in a finite –volume form. The finite -volumeapproach was applied to solve these equations using the upwind –differencing scheme.The SIMPLE iterative procedure [1] for solving the algebraic equations is employed inthe present study. The proposed method is the line by line technique uses the Tri-Diagonal Matrix Algorithm (TDMA) as its basic unit. A modified version of a threedimensionalelliptic computer code was used to simulate heat and moisture transfergenerated from the internal source inside the space. A study of the flow, heat and masstransfer in air-conditioned space are used as test cases to justify the performance of thecomputational procedure. The temperature and moisture distribution were compared withpredictions of previous researchers. The data from the experimental model was also usedto verify the computational procedure predictions.