Properties of Glascrete Tiles


"Glascrete" is known as a concrete in which the aggregates wholly or partiallyconsist of crushed glass, where the glass is a unique material that could berecycled many times without changing its chemical or mechanical properties. Ithas been used for certain purposes where the aesthetical aspect is one of the mainconsiderations.This experimental work aims to evaluate the possibility of incorporating wasteglass in glascrete tiles, as partial replacement for the fine aggregate. Tworeplacements were investigated, those are 20 and 40% by volume of fineaggregate.The tiles are assessed with regard to the requirements of the Iraqi StandardSpecification No.1042/1987, by investigating their modules of rupture and totalwater absorption.The results prove that glascrete tiles with 20% and 40% of glass aggregate aspartial volume replacement of natural fine aggregate are found to be acceptablewith regard to the requirements of the Iraqi Standard SpecificationNo.1042/1987.