Preparation of Macroporous Styrene – Divinyl Benzene Copolymers


Suspension polymerization technique is used for the preparation ofmacroporous Styrene – Divinylbenzene (S-DVB) copolymer beads withdifferent mole percent of divinylbenzene content in the presence of differentcontents and types of diluents which gives the porosity to the copolymer. Itwas found that increasing the percent of DVB with fixing the amount oftoluene diluent (72%) results in a decrease in toluene regain (T. R.) valueswith increasing the degree of porosity. Increasing the percent of diluent withfixing the amount of DVB (16%) results in an increase in (T. R.) values with adecrease in the degree of porosity. Changing the type of diluent also has aneffect on the physical properties of the prepared copolymer. Addition ofpolystyrene with toluene results in an increase in the degree of porosity. Theother physical properties of the copolymer, apparent density and void fractionare also measured.These copolymers are used as the base for the preparation of porouscation exchangers (by sulfonation) and anion exchangers (bychloromethylation and amination) under controlled experimental conditions.The physical properties of the prepared ion exchangers were also measured,with total exchange capacity (T. E. C.) and the rate of ion exchange (t1/2).