The Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy with Static Magnetic Field on Acute and Chronic Pain


This paper presents the biological effects of the low level laser therapy(LLLT) with static magnetic field. The therapy was applied either alone orcombined with conventional therapy for the treatment of acute and chronicpain. Two groups of volunteers with a variety of conditions were randomlyselected from the patients who were usually treated by conventional therapy.The LLLT with static magnetic field was proposed to the first group asextension of the conventional treatment. The second group underwent onlythe LLLT with static magnetic field. LLLT was performed with an opticaland magnetic system specially designed for this purpose. Short–term andlong–term effects as well as conditions responding only to LLLT wererecorded. Results indicate disappearing or stable reduction of pain in mostcases, while partial restoration of mobility was noticed in some other cases.The success of the treatment was up to 70% for both groups