Prepare and study the magnetic properties of compacted (Fe1-xCox)


The manufacturing of electrical converter using powder-metallurgy can beconsidered as acomplex-subject due to the several variables which includefor examples, selection of raw materials, purity, and grain size. There aremany researches that have been used to study iron-nickel, iron-silicon, andso on, but the research on iron-cobalt in our country is limited and due tothe significance of core-industrial in electrical converters, barometer andcomputer devices…….etc, this work has included:1. Preparing compacted-materials of (Fe1-xCox) by using powdermetallurgyat different weight ratios (x=15, 25, 35, 50).2. studying the effect of time and temperature of sintering on magneticproperties ( permeability, coercivity force, and hystersis loop) formaterials prepared by using powder-metallurgy.3. studying the effect of different ratios of pure cobalt-powder added onmagnetic properties and microstructure of prepared materials.4. produceing different shapes and sizes of electrical-core