Design and Simulation of Broadband Rectangular Microstrip Antenna


In this work, many techniques are suggested and analyses forrectangular microstrip antenna (RMSA) operating in X-band for 10 GHzcenter frequency. These approaches are: lowering quality factor, shiftingfeeding point , using reactive loading and modification of the patch shape.The design of a RMSA is made to several dielectric materials, and theselection is based upon which material gives a better antenna performancewith reduced surface wave loss. Duroid 5880 and Quartz are the best materialsfor proposed design to achieve a broader Bandwidth (BW) and bettermechanical characteristics than using air. The overall antenna BW for RMSAis increased by 11.6 % with Duroid 5880 with shifted feeding point and withcentral shorting pin (Reactive loading) while that for Quartz is 17.4 %.Modification of patch shape with similar improving techniques gives anoverall increasing VSWR bandwidth of 26.2 % for Duroid 5880 and abandwidth of 30.9 % for Quartz. These results are simulated using MicrowaveOffice package version 3.22, 2000.