Vanadium Oxide Recovery from Spent Catalysts by ChemicaL Leaching


The Vanadium content of the catalyst can be reclaimed for further use. Theaim of present work is to recover Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) from spent catalystwhich previously used by a local detergent factory using chemical treatment.This type of treatment consist of chemical solution of sodium hydroxide(NaOH 10–50 %) which is reacted with Vanadium in the spent catalyst to getsodium vanadiate at temperature(80 ± 5Cº) for (2-10) hrs to get pure Vanadiumpentoxide .Different extractive conditions were carried out for the same manufacturingsystem above as chemical alkali solution of NaOH with in the range (10-50 wt.%),time of chemical treatment with in the range (2-8 hrs) ,and mixing velocity forreaction solution with in the range (75-200 cycle/min) ,then a prepared productswill be optimized by the use of adsorption technique of vanadium on the surface ofactive carbon particles (2 mm mesh size) ,where 45 gm of active carbon wereapplied on packing column of 3 cm diameter and 300 cm long , then graph thisresults in order to optimize the extractive condition above and the optimizationresults are:Pure vanadium pentoxide (85%,3.60 gm ) from spent catalysts result atoptimum conditions of 20 wt.% of NaOH alkali solution ,8 hrs time of mixingreactants ,and 95 cycle/min mixing velocity (medium velocity to give homogeneityof reaction) .