Automated Electronic Circuit Design for Low Pass Filter Based on Genetic Algorithm


In this paper a proposed method to design electronic circuits by using software approach based ongenetic algorithms is presented. The method is implemented to design low pass filter with aminimal knowledge about the design (the response of the filter and cutoff frequency).Butterworth filter type is chosen because of its smooth response. This method providesimpressive results and the circuits obtained provide higher efficiency than the circuits whichmight be designed by the expert engineer. This method allows the topology, the componentvalues, and the number of the component of the circuit to be evolved by using genetic algorithms(GAs) without human interference. Therefore, the proposed method can be expandied to be usedwith any analog (passive or active) circuit by making a few changes in the program steps (i.e. bychanging the fitness function and improving the simulation of the circuits). MATLAB (Ver. 7)language is used in programming the genetic algorithm. The circuits created by geneticalgorithms are built using EWB program to make sure that the obtained results are true andaccurate.