Watermarking for Relational Database by using Threshold Generator


Providing ownership on relational database is a crucial issue in todayinternet-based application environments and in many content distributionapplications.This paper provides the effective watermarking technique to protectvaluable numeric relational data from illegal duplications and redistributions aswell as to claim ownership,the robustness of proposed system depending on usingnew hybrid techniques ,first technique MAC(Message Authentication Code) thatused one way hash function SHA1 ,second technique is threshold generator baseon simple combination of odd number of register and by using secret key inproposed system. Detecting the watermark neither requires access to neither theoriginal data nor the watermark. The watermark can be detected even in a smallsubset of a watermarked relation as long as the sample contains some of the marks.The finally stage is the analysis of technique that used, our extensive analysisshows that the proposed technique is robust against various forms of maliciousattacks and updates to the data