Information Hiding Based on Discrete Time Wavelet Transform and Huffman Coding


The approach of This paper presentation a companied technique for hidingsecret messages (text) based on wavelet transform applying in cover image (a graylevel image 8bit) then Huffman encoding is also executed on the secretmessages,to increase the robustness of hiding system by inserting the embeddedsecret messages in the low frequency components of the cover image afterapplying wavelet transform followed by a sorting process and the coefficients ofsecret messages after applying Huffman encoding and using binary to multilevelto reading the string of message reducing by multiplying in attenuation factorbefore adding them with those of the cover image.The experimental results show that the algorithm has a high capacity and a goodinvisibility, Moreover PSNR of stego image shows the better results the PSNRabove 40 dB, the proposal system was activated according to attacker noise isaddition and JPEG compression application are used with out detection the secretmessage.