A Manual Kinetic Study for Pyrolysis of Scrap Tires by Use of TG Technique


The kinetic study of pyrolysis involved the use of a homemadethermogravimertic analysis (TG) system and showed that the reaction isfirst order at high temperature range (390- 450) ºc.The reaction rate constant has been increased with temperature(0.15903- 0.9183) min-1 at the same range of temperature above accordingto Arrhenius model equation modeled Bovier and Gelus, which can beused to estimate the kinetic parameters .the activation energy of reactionis found to be 1.33 kcal/mol. , whereas the frequency factor is equal to 1x10-8 l/mol. sec.From comparison between theoretical and experimental conversion due tothe same model above it could be seen that there is a good agreementbetween theoretical and experimental results and higher temperatures(390-450) ºc but become worse of low temperatures (200-350) ºc.