A Natural Language Steganography Technique for Text Hiding Using LSB's


Steganography is the art of hiding, and transmitting information usingapparently innocent carrier without expose any suspicion. This paper present anatural language steganography technique, which is different from all the naturallanguage steganography technique, that uses structure of the sentence constituentsin natural language text in order to insert a secret hidden information, or all otherstechniques, which hide information by modifying the appearance of text elements,such as lines, words, or characters. The proposal technique use the secret hiddentext information to generated the stego-cover carrier text by using algorithmsdepend on natural language processing, particularly text generation field. A surveyfor natural language terminology, techniques, and tools for text processing, anatural language steganography technique and its difficulties to implementmethods like LSB's is presented. The results shows that, the proposal technique is,a successful one in implementing methods like, LSB's for natural language bitsteganography .