Performance Enhancement of GSM Cellular Phone Network using Dynamic 365 Frequency Hopping


A fundamental problem in current cellular system is how to increase spectral efficiency of cellular system andhandle blocking in the call between the subscribers. The present research offers solution to the above problem.In this work software simulator that can be used in the environment of cellular system is designed andimplemented. This designed system shows how to increase spectral efficiency and enhancement blockingprobability in cellular system by using Dynamic Frequency Hopping techniques. In this paper received power(Pr)threshold is proposed as one method of Dynamic Frequency Hopping technique. In each frame, received power ismeasured on the six used frequencies and the current hopping pattern is changed if the measured received powerdoes not achieve the required threshold on at least one of them. The results indicate increasing the spectralefficiency by using Dynamic Frequency Hopping technique, the result of spectral efficiency versus traffic loadwith Dynamic Frequency Hopping is equal to (6.5 b/s/Hz), compared with Frequency Hopping (5.2 b/s/Hz) andGSM (3.5 b/s/Hz). This leads to an improvement in performance of system and reduce the interference allowingthe users to achieve higher data rate.