Dynamic Simulation of Semi-Batch Catalytic Distillation Used for Esterfication Reaction


In this paper the detailed mathematical dynamic model of semi-batch reactivedistillation is formulated for ethyl acetate synthesis (estrefication reaction).The model is composed of material balance, heat balance, and equilibriumequations. The set of nonlinear ordinary differential equations governing theunsteady state composition profile in a semi-batch reactive distillation columnwere solved by using fourth order Runge-Kutta integration method with the aid ofthe powerful MATLAB 6.5 program which used to simulate and optimize thesemi-batch reactive distillation column.The simulation provides compositions, temperatures and holdups profilesalong the column as a function of time. Also the reactant conversion and ethylacetate purity in distillate are calculated.Finally, the simulation results are analyzed to find the optimum operatingpolicy of reflux ratio, Ethanol/Acetic acid and catalyst weight.