Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Orthogonal Cutting With Multi Layer Coated Tools


This paper focuses on the development of Finite Element Method (FEM) inmodeling and simulation of coated cutting tools with multi-layer coats. A special FiniteElement code called (MSC.MARC mentat) is used in the numerical tests, the results arethen compared with experimental work. The paper studied the effect of number of coatsof cutting tools on the following field parameters; tool-chip contact length, chipcontraction coefficient and shear angle at similar machining conditions.The metal beingmachined is (AISI 1045 steel) with orthogonal machining conditions. The three cuttingtools and models are coated with (TiN, TiN/TiC, TiN/Al2O3/TiC), while the fourth oneis uncoated.The results show good agreement between the experimental and numericaltests. Some of the results are compared with other published papers. The comparison ofthe predicted results shows good agreement with experimental tests with maximumrelative difference of (18%) for the chip contraction coefficient and contact length, and(10 %) for the shear angle. The insert with double coats shows excellent result,compared to others from point of view of chip contraction coefficient, contact length andshear angle.