High-Speed Response Si PIN Photodetector Fabricated and Studied for Visible and Near Infrared Spectral Detection


In the present work , PIN photodetector has been fabricated by vacuum evaporationtechnique, Al was evaporated on top side of an intrinsic – type silicon and In was evaporatedon down side and doped for each sides of an intrinsic silicon with thermal diffusion techniqueusing a furnace system, in this method PIN photodetector is made.The optoelectronic and electrical properties of photodetector were studied ,PIN hasspectral responsivity in visible and near infrared region and has peak responsivity atwavelength 900nm ,I-V characteristic under dark condition the ideality factor is 3.2 and builtin-potential was determined by extrapolation of the curve (1/C3) to a point 1/C3=0 equal 0.8v.a high speed response for the photodetector was determined , it is equal less than 2.35nS.