Stabilization of Expansive Clayey Soil Modified by Lime with an Emulsified Asphalt Addition


This study deals with the possibility of the stabilization of expansive clayey soilpre-treated by lime, with an emulsified asphalt addition.Soil from the "2nd Kafaat" District in Mosul was chosen it is classified as medium tohigh expansiveness in naturally.The pre-treated soil was performed with (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5%) lime addition byweight. After short period, emulsified asphalt was added with different percentagesnamely (2, 4, 6 and 8) by weight, for optimum percentages of an emulsified asphalt togive the most useful stabilization aspects.The test result of lime addition alone showed that there was a considerable reduction insoil plasticity, 1.5% of lime addition converted the clayey soil towards non-plastic types.The emulsified asphalt addition to the mixture, caused slight increase in the plasticitybut, their values in the whole, remained below the value of the natural soil.The specific gravity decreased with the emulsified asphalt addition as well as, a generalreduction, compatible with the increase in the optimum moisture contents.The absorption values of the treated soil with the emulsified asphalt showed consequentreduction as compared with the original one.A significant reduction in swelling pressure and swelling percent were obtained as wellas an improvement in some values of the unconfined compressive strength were realizedat low percentages of emulsified asphalt addition, compatible with reduction in values ofthe high percent additions