The Determination Of Desertification Phenomena Using Remote Sensing Techniques


In this present work, the digital image analysis is used as adeveloped remote sensing technique to study the effects of desertificationphenomena in Karbala South west of Iraq. Two satellite images used in thisstudy with coverage area of 80 km2. The first was SPOT panchromaticimage, 10 m resolution taken in 1999. The second was Landsat (TM) visibleimage, 30m resolution taken in 1987.An area of 1 km2 was selected from each image to be the site of thefield experiment. The experiment period was six months from. Nine pointswere selected within the selected area to be the measuring points. Themeasurements were done every two months for both the vertical andhorizontal accumulated sand in the nine points. These field measurementsled to an average of 1.5 cm/day of sand creeping within the measuringperiod.