Role of Conjugative Plasmids in Antibiotic Resistance between Two Strains of E. coli


Two isolated bacterial strains (E. coli 64, E. coli MM294), were purified,they are: gram-negative bacteria, circular, regular edged, thick somewhatglitter, viscous, and lactose fermenter. They belong to the family ofEnterobacteriaceae E. coli 64 showed the resistant to all used antibioticsexcept Rifampicin (RA), Cephotaxime (CTX), Nitrofurantion (FT),Tabramycin (TM), and Cephalexin (RX) (Sensitive to). While E. coliMM294 showed the sensitivity to all used antibiotics except: Rifampicin(RA), Lincomycin (L), Clindamycin (CM), and Erythromycin (E),(resistantt to) Conjugative experiments showed that E. coli strain 64harbored a self transmissible plasmid carrying resistant genes for:Tetracycline (TE), Amoxicillin (AMX), Neomycin (N), Chloramphenicol(C), Ampicillin (AM), and Trimethoprime + Sulfamethorazole (SXT) Itseems that all these resistant genes may be carried on one self transmissibleplasmid, or they may be carried on one self transmissible plasmid (exceptNeomycin, resistant gene may carry on other self transmissible plasmid)..