Sustainability for Tradition Cities in The Past And The Contemporary Today


This research is for general sustainable contemporary Architectureoriginated from the Islamic thought and from creates a sustainable urbanenvironment through studding the concept of sustainability in general andthat for local one in special. Achieving dependency of traditional cities onthe comprehensive ecological approach , as all of our traditional old citieshave the advantage of sustainability, preceding modern theories in achievingenvironmental and psychological integration, through meeting generalhuman requirements with considering convenient between physical andspiritual sides, the most of our contemporary cities suffering lack in givingeffect to this approach .The research depart from the comprehensive ecological approachthrough attempting to explain town space system over its graduate levels,this to indicate the differences in space systems and its influence in formingthe contemporary Urban environment structure and the losing of its permitgraduates in the comprehensive and local level, from which someconclusions and recommendations were obtained in order to include thesustainable concept in the design and planning processes in Architectural andPlanning work obtained from traditional Islamic Architecture .