Effect of Polypropylene Fibers on Properties of Mortar Containing Crushed Brick as Aggregate


More recently there has been a great attention towards converting wastematerials by- products into useful materials as aggregate in concrete industry.It is thus aimed in this study to investigate the possibility of using waste brickas suitable materials and alternative to the natural aggregate in the productionof lightweight mortar.The essential objective of this work is to study the mechanical properties oflightweight mortar containing different percentages of polypropylene fiberwith high range water reducing agent. The effective synergy of this admixtureon the properties of mortars is also investigated. Compressive strength,splitting tensile strength, thermal conductivity and drying shrinkage tests wereconducted on reference and polypropylene fiber reinforced mortar specimensat various ages of curing (7, 14, 28, 60 and 90 days) respectively.The results show a significant increasing in splitting tensile strength withthe increment of fibers content. Although, a considerable reduction inworkability is recorded as increasing the fiber content. Which is controlled byusing high range water reducing admixture. All mixes show acceptable valuesfor thermal insulation with regards to ACI 213-87 thermal insulationrecommendations.