FM Mode-Locking Fiber Laser


In this paper the study of Frequency Modulation Harmonic Mode-locking forYtterbium Doped Fiber Laser is presented. The model studied, uses ytterbium-doped,single mode fiber pumped by 976 nm laser source is used with 150 mW pumpingpower to produce 1055 nm output laser and Frequency Modulation HarmonicallyMode-Locked by MZI optical modulator. The effect of both normal and anomalousdispersion regimes on output pulses is investigated. Also, modulation frequency effecton pulse parameters is investigated by driving the modulator into different frequenciesvalues.This study shows the stability of working in anomalous dispersion regime and thepulse compression effect is better than counterpart normal regime, due to thecombination effectof both negative(Group velocity dispersion), GVD and nonlinearity. Also it shows thegreat effect of modulation frequency on pulse parameters and stability of the system.Model-locking fiber laser master equation is introduced, and using the assumed pulseshapes for both dispersion regimes after modifying (Ginzburg-Landau equation), GLEand by applying the moment method, a set of five ordinary differential equations areintroduced describing pulse parameters evolution during each roundtrip.To solve theseequations numerically using fourth- fifth order, Runge-Kutta method is performedthrough MatLab 7.0 program.