Symbol as continuity tool in type – convention system


The research aims to declare the relationship between communication andsymbol architectural thoughtly construction in the within context of post modrenarchitecture for support research objects modernity . Symbol was very importantconcept and many of thesis have declared and different about it because symbolsrepresented carrier components to civilizationary dimension and transportaring forknowledge flow throughout ages and architecture one of main knowledge fieldswhich have basic and clear job in represent image any civilization and any identityfor any community and this what have decleared in form in theses of post modrenarchitecture which depend on the last trace and for decleare the importance of abasicobject research which was specailized by communication of symbol by dependsystem ( the type – the convention ) .The research came in three approach :- first aim decleare the importance of theconcept in different fields and it`s thearitical relations and finally What was about itfrom contemporary architectural theses . second : aim to basicrelation ship of conceptwith communication concepts to arrive basically of this relation ship third : aimdecleare symbol`s communication by depend concept of the type from throughoutdecleare importance of post modren theses in crystallized a new symbolic typeis thebenefit from concept convention help in a conventional character on it for understandand delling on content of this symbols and this which was doing main research goalwhich specializes by study of relation ship between communication of symbolic typesand the benefit from convention to understand it and then final conclusions for theresearch .