Removal of Heavy Metals From Waste Water By Date Palm Tree Wastes


Wastes of the Iraqi date palm tree was used to study removal of heavy metalcations ( Cu+2, Cd+2& Zn+2) from simulated artificial waste water using batchadsorption process.The dried parts of the date palm wastes, were grinded to ≤1mm in size and useddirectly in different adsorbent / metal ion ratios, starting with metal ionconcentration of (1000ppm).Influence of contact time, initial metal ion concentration, and adsorbent loadingweight, on removal percentage were investigated; experiments were carried out atroom temperature. 25Co and pH value of (5-6).Date palm wastes succeeded to achieve 90% removal for Cu+2 ions, 57.5% for Cd+2ions & 37.5% for Zn+2 ions within (60 min) contact time at adsorbent loading ratioof 30 g/l. Removal values for mixed ions were lower due to competition&interaction between ions, (80% Cu+2, 51% Cd+2 & 33% Zn+2 )