Using Remote Sensing and Gis Technique to Study Soil Physical Properties for Hour Al-Hammar (South of Iraq)


This paper includes the digital image processing (image enhancement and thedigital classification techniques) using ERDAS, ver.,8.7, package for Landsat 7(ETM+), 3-visible bands with resolution (14.25m), acquired in March 2004 .The field investigation includes GPS surveying, which coincides with thereports of the laboratory tests (physical tests), which include soil classification test(according to the unified soil classification system (USCS), for certain locations),and spectral measurements by using radiometer instrument.The main results of this study show that the selected visible bands in thedigital visual interpretation process are considered an optimum means to sense thesoil types. It is found that the study region soil has high content of the fine soiltexture (clay and silt). Therefore, the digital map of unsupervised classificationgives good presentation of some of the main landcover classes and merges theothers, whereas the supervised classification gives good presentation of the mainlandcover classes with overall accuracy equal to (99.7%).