Investigatvon of The Effect of The Inflection Point of Stream Line Dwevagin


The effect of the inflection point of die profile has been investigated fordies designed according to the streamline concept, dies designed with differentinflection point have been adopted (0.25 , 0.5 , 0.75 ) from the original length ofdie, under the axismmetric condition with reduction of area (%40), underfrictionless condition, with pass length (20 mm).A special (F.E.M) cod (Ansys 5.4)has been applied for analysis.The results in this study shows that the position ofinflection point effectual on extrusion load and the strain distribution, and theinflection point at which the extrusion load is minimum and more homogenousstrain distribution lies in middle of die (i.e at 0.5 L).