Influence of Technological Evolution On Formal Structure of High – Rise Buildings


Architectural design has been influenced by the great technological evolution inthe world . Architects and construction engineers began to use the newest availabletechnologies in designing and implementing architectural products , especially inhigh – rise buildings , which depends basically on technology of all branches ( , construction and information) . The research problem is defined as (lack oforiented comprehensive , practical and ideological studies of the technological evolutioninfluence on formal structure of high – rise buildings) .The research aims at (diagnosing the effect of technology , as a basic variable , toshow the distinct formal composition of high – rise buildings) . To fulfill this aim ,the research depends , in its theoretical part , on defining the most active and influentialvariables effecting formal structure of high – rise buildings . In the practicalpart , the research aims at revealing the application scope of the theoreticalframework by using qualitative measurement , describing and analyzing the influenceand its implementation in four projects selected as practical samples . At last ,the research presents conclusions and recommendations for both theoretical andpractical levels.